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Message From Our Executive Chairman
Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima
Dr Abdul Rahman Arshad

Kolej Dika extends a warm welcome to all, especially to students who are seeking to enrich their lives through livelong learning.

Education in Malaysia has progressed tremendously. It has become the pride of envy of many. To face the challenge of the future everyone aspires to do even better. They even want to have an earlier start than the formal primary level education. That start must be available at preschool level and that start must be based on a sound footing with a properly thought-out curriculum, properly trained teachers and environment conducive and encouraging to learning.

The above is the basis and the commitment that led to the establishment of Kolej Dika. It aims to provide trained early childhood practitioners for childcare centres and kindergartens in Malaysia.

Kolej Dika offers two programmes

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Diploma in Special Education (Early Years) are equivalent to a First Year Bachelor's Degree. Our Diploma programmes are accredited by MQA and the Ministry of Higher Education.

To stay relevant in the forefront of early childhood training and to leverage knowledge worldwide, Kolej Dika has articulated programmes in collaboration with foreign universities namely; Teeside University, UK, QUT (Queensland University of Technology), Australia and KLC School of Education,Singapore.

Kolej Dika is an institution that offers students from multi-cultural and multilingual backgrounds the opportunity to interact, to connect and to learn from one another. Kolej Dika's courses and programmes are designed to foster both personal and professional growth in all dimensions of human aspirations.


This course is an exciting venture as the field of early childhood education expands. In a society in which the education of young children is recognized as being the foundation of their future learning, the career opportunities in this field now demands well qualified practitioners who have a sound understanding of the learning needs of young children.

The Phillosophy of the course is to prepare you to enter a profession as a practitioner in areas which you are well qualified and act as an advocate of early years education.

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